3D puzzle of Abracadabra Cat, precision laser-cut CNC template for Halloween

Abracadabra Cat – Halloween Pattern : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG


The Clever Cat : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG

Clever Cat Animal Pattern 3D Puzzle Pattern Perfect for Silhouette Cutting Silver Bullet Cricut K-40 3018 CNC

Taurus the Bull : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG


The Taurus the Bull 3D Puzzle brings the powerful and majestic symbolism of this zodiac sign to life. Designed as a laser-cut CNC template, this detailed puzzle offers an engaging and rewarding assembly experience. Suitable for laser cutters, CNC routers, and plasma cutters. Included file formats are SVG, DXF, CDR, and PDF. Patterns are supplied in two standard sizes, usually 1/8th (.1250) and 3mm, but are scalable vectors, allowing you to adjust the pattern size to suit the thickness of your material. Scaling up will enlarge the finished model or shrink it if you scale down. Please see our Scale Calculator to make this task simple.



Taurus the Bull

A Bull is an intact, meaning not castrated and is the adult male of the species Bos Taurus (Cattle).
Bos Taurus is the actual name the Bull derives from. He’s far more muscular and aggressive than the
female of the species, the cow, and he has been an important symbol in many cultures and plays a
significant role in both beef and dairy farming and a variety of other cultural activities.
The female counterpart to a bull is a cow. A wild, unmarked bull is known as a Micky in Australia.
The word “Bull” also denotes the males of other bovines, including Bison and Water Buffalo as well
as many other species of large animals including Elephants, Camels, Elk, Moose and Whales.
A common misconception widely repeated in depictions of Bull behavior is that the color red angers
Bulls, inciting them to charge. In fact, like most mammals, cattle are red-green color blind. In
Bullfighting, it is the movement of the matador’s cape, and not the color, which provokes a reaction
in the Bull.  Bulls have played an important role in human culture since before the beginning of
recorded history. They appear in cave paintings estimated to be up to 17,000 years old. The mythic
Bull of the Heavens plays a role in the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, dating as far back as 2150BC.
The importance of the bull is reflected in its appearance in the Zodiac as Taurus, and its numerous
appearances in mythology, where it is often associated with fertility. In modern times, the Bull
appears as a mascot for both amateur and professional sports teams.
Collect your massively powerful Bull today!

Hello and Thanks for shopping with makeCNC!
These 3D Puzzles are a Downloadable Product that have been Designed ready to cut on any CNC router or CNC Laser Machine.
They are supplied as ready-to-cut vector files in several formats for CNC Routers, Lasers, Plasma, Die Cutters and Scroll Saws are just of the few ways you can use these Patterns.

Basic slot sizes (Meaning your Material Thickness)

1/8 Inch or 1/4 Inch

Metric: Slot Size (Meaning your Material Thickness)

3mm or 6mm

1 x Color Assembly Guide.

Number of Parts:

Finished size of Model at 1/8th or 1/4 Inch

Finished size of Model at 3mm or 6mm

Approximate Size at 3mm

L= 376
W = 89
H = 229

Approximate Size at 1/8 inch

L = 14.8
W = 3.5
H = 9

Approximate Size of Largest Part

4.6 X 8.6 inches
117 X 219 mm

Approximate Part Number: 44

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8″ uses 1/8″ Plywood…1/4″ uses 1/4″ Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting on a CNC Router.

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