About Us

Welcome to makeCNC!

Founded by Paul and Julie Campbell over 15 years ago, makeCNC has grown from pioneering beginnings into the premier online destination for laser-cut templates and 3D puzzle designs. We are proud to be the first CNC website to offer a vast array of designs not only for CNC routers and laser cutters but also for Cricut machines, CNC plasma cutters, and scroll saws.

Our Legacy and Leadership

When we started makeCNC, our goal was to revolutionize how craftsmen and hobbyists alike access high-quality, ready-to-use patterns. Today, we stand as the largest legal online library of 3D puzzles, featuring designs exclusively created by our talented in-house team. Every design you find on our site is the product of meticulous care and passionate innovation.

Comprehensive Copyrights and Original Designs

At makeCNC, we take pride in our work. All designs are crafted by us, with all copyrights held by makeCNC. When you purchase from us, you are not only obtaining a meticulously crafted pattern but also supporting original creators who are deeply passionate about the art of CNC design.

More Than Just Puzzles

While we are revered for our 3D puzzles and dollhouses, our passion for CNC and robotic tools has driven us to broaden our offerings. We now provide a diverse range of patterns and designs suited for various digital fabrication tools, including assembly guides and unmatched customer support to enhance your crafting experience.

Our Commitment to You

Our dedication goes beyond providing exceptional designs. We are committed to supporting you in your creative endeavors with comprehensive assembly guides and responsive customer support. Whether you are a seasoned craftsman or a curious beginner, our community is here to assist you in bringing your visions to life.

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Explore our site to discover why thousands of DIY enthusiasts, educators, and professionals turn to makeCNC for reliable, inventive, and enjoyable crafting experiences. Embrace the art of making with makeCNC and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.