3D puzzle of the X-Wing Starfighter, precision laser-cut CNC template

The X-Wing Starfighter – Star Wars Inspired – Science Fiction Series : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG


The Landspeeder – Star Wars Inspired – Science Fiction Series : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG

3D puzzle of The Landspeeder, precision laser-cut CNC template

Speeder Bike – Star Wars Inspired – Science Fiction Series : 3D Puzzle, Laser Cut, Scroll Saw, CNC Router, Template, Pattern DXF, CDR, SVG


Speeder Bike – Star Wars Inspired – Science Fiction Series: Accelerate into the fast-paced world of the Star Wars universe with the Speeder Bike. This 3D puzzle captures the sleek, agile design of the Speeder Bikes from the iconic forest chase scene in “Return of the Jedi.” Designed as a laser-cut CNC template, this model offers an exciting assembly experience for Star Wars enthusiasts and speed lovers alike. Suitable for laser cutters, CNC routers, and plasma cutters. Included file formats are SVG, DXF, CDR, PDF. The design is scalable, offered in two standard sizes, usually 1/8th (.1250) and 3mm, allowing adjustments to fit the thickness of your material. Scaling up or down will change the size of the completed model. Please see our Scale Calculator for assistance with scaling.



Speeder Bike – Star Wars Inspired – Science Fiction Series

Speeder bikes and swoop bikes are small, fast transports that use repulsorlift
engines in the fictional Star Wars universe. Return of the Jedi includes a
prominent speeder bike chase.  Speeders and swoops also appear in Star Wars movies like
Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones,
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars, and the Star Wars
expanded universe’s books, comics, and games.
Return of the Jedi features a speeder bike chase in which Luke Skywalker (played
by Mark Hamill) and Leia Organa (played by Carrie Fisher) pilot a pair of
Imperial speeders to chase down scout troopers who might reveal the Rebel
Alliance’s presence on Endor. Darth Maul uses his speeder to chase down Qui-Gon
Jinn (played by Liam Neeson) and Anakin Skywalker (played by Jake Lloyd) in The
Phantom Menace. A pair of speeder-mounted clone troopers shoot down a speeder-
riding Stass Allie when Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) initiates Order 66 in
Revenge of the Sith. Film and Expanded Universe depictions of speeder bikes and
swoops consistently portray the vehicles as fast and maneuverable: Expanded
Universe material describes the speeder bikes in Return of the Jedi as being able
to travel 310 miles per hour. Speeders and swoops achieve high speed and
maneuverability, however, at the expense of size and protection for their riders.
“Swoop racing” is described in the Expanded Universe texts and portrayed in
LucasArts games as a dangerous, fast-paced competition between skilled pilots.
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They are supplied as ready-to-cut vector files in several formats for CNC Routers, Lasers, Plasma, Die Cutters and Scroll Saws are just of the few ways you can use these Patterns.

Basic slot sizes (Meaning your Material Thickness)

1/8 Inch or 1/4 Inch

Metric: Slot Size (Meaning your Material Thickness)

3mm or 6mm

1 x Color Assembly Guide.

Number of Parts:

Finished size of Model at 1/8th or 1/4 Inch

Finished size of Model at 3mm or 6mm

Approximate Size at 3mm
L= 91
W = 490
H = 97
Approximate Size at 1/8 inch
L = 3.6
W = 19.3
H = 3.8
Approximate Size of Largest Part
 X  inches 1/2 X 8.6
 X  mm  13 X 218
Approximate Part Number: 97

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8″ uses 1/8″ Plywood…1/4″ uses 1/4″ Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting on a CNC Router.

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