"Screenshot of makeCNC Pattern Scale Calculator interface, displaying input fields for material thickness and scaling options."

makeCNC Pattern Scale Calculator,Resize your slots to material thickness


Gearotic Motion: Amazing Gear design software !

"Screenshot of Gearotic Motion software interface displaying various gear design tools and a complex gear assembly in progress, highlighting its user-friendly design and advanced features."

CamBam :CNC Cad and Cam software very supported with addons and plugins


Please note a license file will be emailed to you within 24 hours but you can download and use the software  in demo mode right away from your account

“Transform your designs into reality with CamBam – the intuitive CAM software that bridges your creative work and CNC machinery seamlessly. With its robust toolpath options and extensive file compatibility, CamBam turns your ideas into precise cuts and engravings with ease. Perfect for artisans, small businesses, and anyone in between, CamBam is your pathway to efficient and accurate CNC machining. Get started with CamBam today and elevate your machining projects!”



Product Description:

Please note a license file will be emailed to you within 24 hours but you can download and use the software  in demo mode right away from your account

CamBam is a powerful and flexible CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software designed to take CAD drawings or digital artwork and translate them into G-code instructions that CNC machines can execute. The software is renowned for its ease of use and its ability to handle complex 2.5D machining operations, making it a go-to choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Key Features:

  • Extensive File Compatibility: Supports a wide range of file formats including .dxf, .stl, and native .cb files, ensuring seamless transitions from design to production.
  • Robust Toolpath Operations: Offers a variety of toolpath operations including drilling, profiling, pocketing, and engraving, which are suitable for a wide range of machining tasks.
  • Customizable Post-Processors: Includes editable post-processors that allow CamBam to work with most types of CNC machines, making it highly adaptable to any workshop setup.
  • Integrated CAD Environment: Comes equipped with basic CAD tools to modify or create designs directly within the software, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Scripting Support: Enhances functionality with the ability to run custom scripts and plugins, tailored to specific machining needs and workflows.
  • Simulation Capabilities: Features a toolpath simulation mode that allows users to preview the cutting path and make adjustments before the actual machining process begins, reducing errors and material waste.

Ideal For: CamBam is perfect for CNC enthusiasts, makers, and small to medium-sized businesses who need reliable and straightforward software to convert CAD files into efficient G-code. It is particularly favored by those involved in milling, engraving, and woodwork.


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